Best Year of Competition...ever

The Finishing Touch-10x14.jpg

2018 ended up being a very good competition season and then a very busy late fall.  Competitions start in June with our PPA Southwest District Competition. After that we make any improvements we may need or just send them on to the International Photographic Competition. I didn't do any corrections or replacements (called "breaking the seal") and on my images went to Atlanta to be judged again for inclusion in the exclusive PPA Loan Collection. 


My black and white bridal image, Breathless Elegance, (above) scored an 89 and will be in the PPA Showcase book.  In December I found out I won Best Wedding Image 2018 at Fort Worth PPA!

I am late posting about all this because we sold our home in December and moved to another town. We are in Granbury, where our sons and their families live and where my mother and sister are. We are temporarily in an old, small farm house while we wait for the ground to dry and can begin construction on our new  home and my new home studio. I am still photographing, just doing weddings, and outdoor and location sessions.

Time worn and Tested.jpg

My image "Timeworn and Tested" scored a personal best 91. It is going to be in the PPA Loan Collection and printed in the accompanying book. This is my dad James R Cooley. He still lives in Michigan and every time he comes to visit, I photograph him. It was cold and I saw him wandering around in his hoodie and I knew that was the image I wanted. Dad is a happy guy but his face is always kind of sad.  He has the most expressive eyes and I always Merit when he's my model.

In Full Bloom-white frame.jpg

In Full Bloom, my pregnancy image, scored an 86 and will be included in 2018's PPA Showcase Book.  The best thing about this image is that when I look at it, I have a fun memory of the session that made it. This beautiful lady's husband was tossing the dress, and he was an artist. Maybe his 6'5" height gave him an advantage, but he got the most exquisite shapes. When they came back with the baby, we recreated this image with her holding the baby and he almost duplicated it.

Little Rosebud.jpg

"Little Rosebud" was created from a portrait done in a baby girl's 1 year session. The background is an exclusive hand-painted background from a background artist in Oklahoma. I loved how she had her little hand rested on the arm of the small bench.  She was such a happy little girl and she really cooperated with everything we did.


Little Rosebud is included in the International Photographic Competition's General Collection