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Looking Forward...

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

It's been a crazy month. Well 2 months. Maybe a few months. For 18 years, we lived in a house he had built. Our first house that was not a mobile home. A great house. 5 years ago I built a studio in the yard. I was already pretty serious about my photography and wanted a space to shoot in separate from my home. We had dogs, it disrupted the family, it was a liability to have people in my home. Plus, I had a lot of stuff. I can't tell you the number of times I wished I was a "natural light" photographer. But I like control, I want to shoot in any weather, at any time of day. I like backgrounds and props...seems a lot of portrait photographers like props.

Then this year our son bought 21 acres in a nearby town where he and our other son had settled with their families. My mom and sister also live there. He wanted us to build a "barndominium" on the land. We are retired and the house we built was far from paid-for and not as manageable on a retirees income. So we put the house on the market. Then the market cooled...took about 6 months but it sold. We moved our belongings into storage and are in a tiny, old farm house waiting for our barn to be built. We tried to start, but it rained and rained, a lot. It hasn't rained for a few weeks and things are finally drying up so I think we are going to get this barn rolling. I miss my studio, I feel like I am in limbo without it.

But, this is Texas and it's nice out a lot too and lots of people here do like portraits done outside, so I am not complaining. If you want portraits done on the property, call me, we have a couple pecan trees that are a couple of hundred years old. We have an old tin barn, a cool old chicken coop and awesome sunsets. If you want portraits done on YOUR property, call me. Or in town...or on the Brazos River or Big Rocks Park...wherever.

We can have fun no matter the weather. I can go to your property, a favorite park, your home or anywhere photography is allowed. Want to go on vacation and have it documented? Take a photographer (me).

Portrait of a smiling family in a snowstorm
Whatever the weather...lets make some memories!

Portrait of a Smiling family on a farm with their horse
Your farm or mine!!

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