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Most Fun at a Wedding and Reception Ever

In November I photographed a wedding at #MotorsportRanch in Cresson TX. It was so much fun. Guests were going out in the sports cars and learning to drive and taking laps and at the end of the reception, I got the last ride of the night in a Ferrari in the dark, lit only by the headlights on the track. It was so cool.

Cynthia and Ian are just the sweetest people I have ever met. They really compliment each other...the ying to the other's yang. They see quite different, but they are really very similar in personality and in that they are just nice people to be around. I was so fortunate to photograph this wedding.

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Cynthia made her own wedding outfit, which featured pants under a split tiered overskirt.

The red Ferrari is the one Cynthia drove before the wedding and the one I ended the night with. Also are Cynthia and her dad's first dance, Ian putting the ring on her finger, their cool cake, and them listening to a toast.

We did their couples shoot before the wedding in Granbury. The first image is the Granbury downtown visitor's center and the other is in front of the Granbury Opera House.

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