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First Baby in the new studio

It's hard to believe that I first photographed this darling baby's big sister 2 years ago. Adaline Eau came to my Cresson Photography Studio, then over the last year, we sold our house and built a new barn home with a built-in studio for me.

So to introduce a new element to my website, I started up a Lifestyle set. Judging by the images of Addy on the bed, it's a hit. It was too cold to take the baby outside, but we are on 21 acres that I think will be great or photographing families.

Scarlette Ember was born on October 22. She decided to come early, so we never got to photograph her in momma's tummy. A bummer for me since her mom's pregnancy portrait from 2 years ago did really well in competition. These images are the first time Addy held Scarlette. We had plenty of spotters so she wouldn't be startled, but Addy did really good with her. She gave her kisses and touched her nose.

Her only smile from her session.

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